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You accept this Privacy Policy when you sign up for, access, or use our products, services, content, features, technologies or functions offered on our website and all related sites, applications, and services.

1. Consent

By providing personal information of customers when using website, customers agree that personal information of customers will be used and collected as stated in this policy, customers have the right to stop providing information and / or using the rights described in Section 5 below. We reserve the right to amend or supplement to improve this policy at any time. Customers should regularly review this website’s Privacy Policy and personal information to update latest adjustments and ensure the right to manage personal information.

2. Purpose

The data collected on mainly including: email, phone number, username, password, customer address. These are the information that requires Customers to provide when registering for the service, and Thea Clinic uses to contact for confirmation when customers register to use the service on, ensure the rights of the Customer, including but not limited to the following purposes:

2.1. Handle issues related to customers’ requests and orders

2.2. To create and maintain customer accounts with us, including promotions, loyalty programs and customer service programs associated with customers’ accounts.

2.3. Support handling customer inquiries, complaints, and feedback on services we provide

2.4. Prevent activities that sabotage customer accounts or counterfeit customer activities

2.5. Depending on the provisions of the law from time to time, we may collect, store and supply information according to the request of competent authorities

Customers shall be solely responsible for the security and storage of all service use under their registered name, password and e-mail adresss. In addition, Customer is responsible for promptly notifying us of unauthorized use, abuse, security breaches, keeping the third party’s registration name and password, in order to take appropriate measures.

3. Scope

We collect information when:

3.1. Customers provide us directly, which is personal customer information including: name, email address (email), phone number, address, information, account login including any information needed to set up an account such as login name, login password, ID / login address and security question / answer.

3.2. Customers interact with the website.

3.3. From other legal sources.

4. Use website uses the information provided by the customer to:

• Provide services to Customers.
• Send notifications about information exchange activities between Customer and
• Prevent activities that destroy Customer’s user accounts or Customer spoofing activities.
• Contact and deal with customers in special cases.
• Do not use Customer’s personal information other than for confirmation and contact purposes related to the transaction at
• Do not use Customer’s personal information for any purpose other than confirmation and contact purposes related to the transaction at
• is responsible for cooperating to provide personal information to Customers upon request from competent authorities.

5. Duration

Customer’s personal data will be stored until receives a cancellation request or the customer logs in and cancel. In all cases, Personal information will be kept confidential by server.

6. Tools for Customers to access and edit data

Customers have the right to self-check, update, adjust their personal information by logging into their account and editing personal information or requesting Thea Clinic to do this.

Customer has the right to file a complaint regarding disclosure of personal information to third parties to the administrator of Upon receiving these feedback, Thea Clinic will confirm the information, be responsible for answering the reason and instruct the Customer to restore and secure the information.

7. Commitment to protect personal information of customers

Our commitment:

Do not use, transfer, provide or disclose to any third party Customer’s personal information.

In case the server is attacked by a hacker resulting in the loss of personal customer data, Thea Clinic will be responsible for informing the investigating authorities promptly and notifying Customer.

Absolutely keep confidential all online transaction and payment information of customers, except for some following cases:
•  Have the consent of the customer.
•  The law provides otherwise.
•  Our partners are service providers related to order fulfillment and are limited to the necessary information as well as the application of regulations to ensure the security and privacy of personal information.
•  We can use services from third parties to do some website-related activities such as setting up website management, integrating payment gateway, and .ect. and then this third party has the right to access and process the personal information during the process of providing such services. Third parties are also required to comply with the privacy laws.

8. Address


Established and operated under the Business Registration Certificate No. 0311861146 issued by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment for the first time on July 2, 2012

Head Office: Ground Floor, Somerset Chancellor Court, No. 21-23 Nguyen Thị Minh Khai, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0918 411 771


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