Our Vision

Thea’s world-class luxury aesthetic clinic in HCMC vividly demonstrates our burning ambition of accompanying Vietnamese women on the ultimate quest to define timeless beauty.

Thea is working on rebranding ourselves to become the first and only pioneer in the whole country with cutting-edge technologies to offer 100% safe and effective beauty services. These techniques can be adjusted to meet different skin needs of women from different regions. From there, Thea strives to become the best, branching out to prove our brand values in many other Southeast Asian countries.

Our Mission

Thea loves to bring back the joy and confidence of youth to our customers. That’s why all doctors, experts and staff at Thea are committed to offering you a beauty that shines from within.

We honour the traditional beauty of Vietnamese women and combine those values with cutting-edge technologies, world-class beauty clinic standards and a team of highly experienced, highly dedicated experts. At Thea, we are having at heart the mission to help every woman be her most beautiful self.

Valencia Tran – CEO

A woman with “magical hands”
and a heart of gold

From the birth of Thea to when everything has fallen into place as of right now, Valencia Tran has always had a lot on her plate. However, never has she shown any signs of extreme fatigue or stress because she knows how to balance work and life. On top of that, her positivity and appreciation for the harmony of the mind and the natural world help her maintain a state of peace and serenity. That’s probably what gives Valencia her natural allure, captivating hearts with a beauty that shines from within.

Aspiration, devotion, compassion, and empathy are what have been driving Valencia to tirelessly improve Thea, making it one of the top aesthetic clinics nationally and the most trusted beauty advisor of many distinguished entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Our Awards

Best Skincare Clinic
Nominated by APAC 2018

Asia First
Brand Award 2019

Best Asian
Brand Award 2019

Highly Experienced
Doctors and Experts


PhD – Doctor

One of the factors turning Thea into a leading brand with international standards of excellence has always been our team of utterly dedicated and immensely experienced experts. With hundreds of cases every year, our doctors build on their existing expertise, gaining more and more clinical experience, bringing each client the best services tailored to their individual needs. Having at heart the mission to help every woman be her most beautiful self, all of Thea’s doctors and aesthetic experts treat the wishes and expectations of our clients as our own motivation to continue our work and achieve better performance.

Every case excites the same undivided attention from us. We are willing to listen to every patient and address any concerns. If you need more information about the practical experience of the doctor in charge of the service you’re interested in, we’re happy to share it with you. Our team of doctors and experts intuitively understand that information transparency between a patient and their doctor is vital to help one stay confident and assured before getting any cosmetic procedure.


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